The Essence: Varsity Jackets

The essence bring us a collection of Hip Hop inspired Varsity jackets all the way from NYC. The classic varsity jacket is a timeless design seen from the 60′s right through to current day collections from both mainstream and high end designers. Having it’s roots firmly based in streetwear and hip hop culture it’s great to see a brand highlighting the heritage of this silhouette. 

The Essence is a streetwear label hailing straight out of the heart of New York City as worn by Hip Hop legends such as Raekwon, Mobb Deep and Redman. Designed and manufactured by creator and founder Jonathan Goldberg. The popular U.S clothing brand bottles a life-time of ideas and affective participation, born from years entrenched in the thick of New York’s transient artistic and musical cultures.

With signature clothing lines – such as their trademark Big Apple 1979 red leather baseball jacket, or their Wu-Tang tribute ‘Shaolin Chessboxing 1993’ black leather/fabric mix jacket – The Essence offer a timepiece of clothing that will want to be revisited again and again, no matter the direction that time and cultures move forward. 

With The Essence slowly making waves outside of their NYC home, now is the time – much like the musical imports that the city has delivered over the past 4 decades – for the brand to make their mark on global popular culture at large.

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