Parra Homeware – Vaso di Culo

Dutch artist Parra is well known amongst the streetwear scene. His art prints which have transferred into the fashion scene have been seen as collectables for many years. Working across drawing, painting, animation and sculpture, Parra creates an enigmatic and instantly recognisable style that defies easy categorisation. 

The Parra home-ware series displays his illustrations and prints across bedding, tea towels, cushions, throws and more. Here we are taking a look at his Vaso di Culo porcelain vase in the form of a rounded and chopped female figure, with the leap & run dog allover print. Only 200 have been made and the price at 199 euros identifies with that. The thing about Parra is it is collectable, and sneaker heads love to collect so we can’t really complain! Parra is like a mature version of collecting for streetwear / sneaker heads but still with the street wear edge to get your fix and with a presentable home as the end result. Your mum and dad will love it, but you will get so much kudos from your mates too!

Buy it here.

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