We Are Blood, Skate Movie – Review

Back on August 20th I was invited to attend the Prince Charles Cinema in Soho, London to watch the premier of American skate film ‘We Are Blood.’ We Are Blood is a skate film, but I would say more of a movie, from Mountain Dew Green Label Films and Brain Farm documenting the global bond between skateboarders through the eyes of skateboarding pro legend; Paul Rodriguez. 

There are skate films, there are movies about skateboarding and there are epic documentary films which have been shot and directed based around extreme sports with the most incredible attention to detail and story lines; this is one of those. Sitting alongside films such as The Art Of Flight and Lakai Fully Flared this story follows Rodriguez around the world with his friends capturing the best spots they can find to skate and generally exploring the worlds vast and ever changing landscapes.

Appologies for this being a late review but I had to put it on the blog as I really want to shout about how great it is! I also want to let people know how awesome the Prince Charles Cinema is. If you love movie marathons, re-shows of retro movies and sing-alongs then you really should check out this Soho venue. 

Directed by: Ty Evans

Written by: Mark Anders

Producer: David Garcia

Executive Producers: Brain Farm: Curt Morgan, Chad Jackson, Circe Wallace

Starring: Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod), Jordan Maxham, Chris Colbourn, Tiago Lemos, Chase Webb,

Release Date: August 2015 – Buy it now here. 

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