SOLE DXB Event Details Announced!

Sole DXB, the Dubai-based street culture festival, returns 20 & 21 November 2015, offering up a refreshing dose of street culture cut with distinctive Middle Eastern flair. Dubai is fast becoming a new home for street culture and this festival is highlighting the movement to its entirety.

Sole launched in September 2010 as a communication platform for all the latest and relevant news in footwear, fashion, design and alternative culture in The Middle East.

As the spotlight once again returns to the region’s annual showing, Sole DXB presents the first glimpses of their 2015 showcase event, told through distinctive visuals by Hassan Hajjaj.

Combining sneakers, hop-hop, artwork and basketball, this is the street festival to end all street festivals. This November DXB truly will be centre of the world.

Sole DXB’s own ‘Early Retirement’ pop-up will be on display, selling exclusive collabs with the likes of Puma, Filling Pieces, and New Era. And from off the shelf, to out of the lock-up, Swap & Sale will offer people the opportunity to source a ‘grail’ with fifteen hand-picked regionally-based collectors showcasing their wears. Dead stock delights!

Although this isn’t in our city it’s amazing to something come to light in a place like Dubai. If anyone is there in November, definitely go and take a look!

I love the imagery, and the styling is so different to anything I’ve seen recently. Middle eastern with a vintage modern flair! The colours are amazing.. a small insight in to what will be in store!

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