Shoes Up Magazine – the ‘Future’ issue  – Fall 15 

What is your future? Streetwear and sneaker bible ‘Shoes Up’ explores the topic of future in a variety of ways. Touching on technical, fashionable and personal elements of what the future hold the latest issue of the magazine is a successful read and just as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Shoes up is a French based title which reads both in French and english, featuring incredible global sneaker culture and fashion pieces alongside lifestyle and music articles. In this issue London rapper Little Simz features along with stand out pieces from brand ssuch as Rick Owens for Adidas, Ascis and a whole page dedicated to red trainers / shoes.

They ask us who’s the next big thing for 2016 : Little Simz or Alessia Cara? Does Edinson Cavani think that football is going to have the game at the heart of everyone’s attention, as it should be? Will we, according to Cottweiler, look like astronauts within two years? Read the magazine to find out more!

Buy it here.

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