Crep Protect x NBA @ The Shard

For their latest collaboration, Crep Protect took things to new levels (literally) by hosting a private party at the top of The Shard on Monday night.

Crep protect have joined forces with NBA to create limited edition team-branded cans. They feature the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and New York Knicks, with more teams to follow at a later date. Crep Protect pioneered the use of water repellent innovations to produce a spray that creates an invisible protective barrier, preventing rain and stains from damaging footwear.  

I was gassed to be at the Shard, as i’d never been before – it was so much fun! There were loads of actors, models and musicians there.. Kano was definitely someone I was excited to see. (We got put in a lift with him on the way back down and I completely made a tit of myself and ballsed up my only photo op! ha ha

Big love to Daniel Spencer for the last two shots: check his round up shots of the night HERE

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