Evisu x KTZ

Japanese denim brand EVISU has collaborated with London dark street wear brand KTZ on the “Murky Denim Storm” capsule collection which is in the theme of Japanese Kendo. 

The EVISU x KTZ Murky Denim Storm capsule collection adapts an overall black colour (very KTZ) and white print (apt of Evisu) to create a strong contrast. High quality selvedge denim is used with superior French terry in the capsule; while details include the traditional production of denim, prints, 3D-effect embroidery and fine towel embroidery. The enlarged print of KTZ’s brand statement in Japanese “世界が来て” (THE WORLD TO COME) and EVISU “KAMON” logo are incorporated making the pieces bold and vibrant. 

The capsule collection includes denim jackets, jeans, hoodies and sweatpants. Military elements are immersed in both denim wear and sportswear such as the M-51 military jacket cut and military trousers pocket. 

EVISU x KTZ Capsule Collection will be launched on 10th December in EVISU stores in Asia Pacific, London andevisu.com.

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