LPU: First Pick Ups Of 2016

Been such a long time since I spoiled myself with some new bits, especially some new kicks! My intention was to buy a Palace jumper, but after lots of deliberation I decided to go with some bits n bobs for now!

My friend Vicky recently copped a bag from Slam City Skates, and when I’d gone to meet her she showed me. I thought it was sick! The Polar character face smiling on one side and sad face on the other. For £11.99 I was sold!

Its a really good size, and the strap is wearable across your shoulder so you don’t get that ungodly drop shoulder slouch, you get when carrying a normal tote. (Girls I know you know what I mean!)

On the Palace website, I’d been scrolling for hours deciding what jumper I wanted to buy, but we all know what January is like for our bank accounts…haha. So I decided for now to just grab a couple of pins to add to my collection – which I rotate on different jackets from day to day. Come payday.. that jumper is heading my way!! £££

Finally, I recently caught wind of a flyknit racer re-release. I really wanted the Oreo racers… but they only had UK 5.5 in stock or UK 4 – too big/too small. I’m sure you’ve all been there at one point.. thinking “Do I just buy it and let it be big/or small” but, experience told me not to waste my money on something that doesn’t actually fit, and I won’t wear. 

To be fair it was a toss up between the Volt and Oreo anyway, but I’m happy with my purchase. I found a Footlocker voucher creepin’ around in my wallet too.. so wasn’t all that bad! 🙂

Enjoy your week!

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