Editorial: Palladium in our city scape… Pampa-Hi

As the sun starts to shine in East London we soak it in and kick start our days mission. Sometimes that’s fitness orientated, running mainly, but mostly it involves fashion, some kind of kicks and usually a camera man/woman.

This time we’ve joined forces with European boot brand Palladium who make sneaker-like boots with rubber soles, perfect for city exploring. If you don’t know the brand here’s a little background: they started maiking boots in 1947 for the French army. They have collaborated with the likes of Billionaire Boys Club, Atmos (Japanese sneaker boutique) and Alpha Industries and people such as Pharrell Williams… need we say more!

The Pampa-Hi seen here is their high top version, a lo can be seen in our next series… coming soon. The classic monochrome styles are easily adapted to many styles of fashion but we really love how their design works well with the oversized, unisex, jersey trend ala Yeezy and Hood by air. We have used pieces from London based brand AMXMA, jeans brand NEUW and Nike Sportswear to create the looks in this editorial alongside the Pampa-Hi Palladium boots from Topshop.

British photographer Sophie Mayanne collaborated with us to take these images and all styling is by us (Kitty and Jess).

Shop the boots now: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/category/brands-4210405/palladium-5365476

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