Lifestyle: Snowboarding lesson at The Snow Center

I (Kitty) took to Hemel Hempstead’s Snow Center to try out snowboarding with our friends Leila Afghan and Claudia Walder from Fresh Habits. We learned some basics in preparation for our trip to Bulgaria for Horizon Festival.

Horizon festival is an underground electronic music festival ran across the ski resort town of Bansko in Bulgaria. 7 days and 6 nights of partying and snow sports and as I write this we are into the last day of the festival. That blog post will soon follow…

I’ve always wanted to try skiing or snowboarding but just haven’t ever had the opportunity. Jess has been boarding for quite some time so it made sense to learn and hit a snow resort with her! 

The guys at The Snow Center at Hemel Hempstead asked us if we would like a 2 hour lesson before hitting the real slopes and it seemed like a pretty great idea! The Snow Center is based just an hour outside of London which is super convenient and has real snow so it’s a very good trial to hitting the outdoors. They have all the equipment you need, different kinds of slopes, and group or one on one lessons available. They also have a bar upstairs with pub style food and a viewing gallery from the bar so you can watch people hitting the slopes. Everything you need in one place and very friendly staff made for a great experience. I would advice a lot more lessons but we didn’t have the time before we left for Bulgaria but I definitely want to go back for more lessons.

Nikita clothing and DC clothing.

All images by Scott Pattenden

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