Editorial: Bansko Ski Resort

Have you ever been snowboarding before?
Well you will know it’s harder to learn than skiing but what would I know? I’ve never done either before; until the other week. 
You might have seen our previous post about learning to Snowboard at the Ski Center. Jess has been snowboarding for some years but myself and a lot of our mates haven’t so we decided it was time! After 1 x 2 hour lesson we had no time for more as we were off to hit Bulgaria for Horizon Festival. I must admit they advise around 5 lessons and we all needed more, but it was fun to hit the real slopes and get some practice in. 

The Unisex Mode, Fresh Habits and Noctis Magazine took off to visit Bulgaria and try out snowboarding on the slopes of Bansko as part of Horizon Festival. Read more about the festival here. The ski resort is home to bars and restaurants as well as ski runs and amazing views. You can ski right down to some of the events and hotels which makes it all pretty convenient for the festival. There are beginners slopes as well as red and black runs as you would expect so it’s easy for everyone to find their place and ride at their own pace. However we did manage to get ourselves stuck at the top of the mountain and have to be rescued using snow-bikes… But besides that everything went pretty smoothly! 

The views were amazing and there’s nothing quite like the sun that high up, check the pictures to see what I mean!

Our good friend Leila Afghan took these pics and here’s what we wore:

Champion, DC Shoes, Nikita, Eastpak, Nike ACG, Gourmet, UNIF, Know Wave, Roxy, HUF, Crap Eyewear.

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