Food Review: Joey’s Kitchen at Joyeux Bordel

This week we had the opportunity to try out East London’s newest Vegan pop up restaurant “Joey’s Kitchen’ inside cocktail bar Joyeux Bordel, Shoreditch.

Joey’s Kitchen’s is taking over the restaurant from Tuesday – Thursday every week and the menu is 100% vegan!

It’s a simple menu but with various options… What that means is there are three dishes and three toppings. The dishes are –

  • Le Chien, a homemade seitan (vegetarian) sausage.
  • Loaded Nachos
  • The Big Cheese, their signature Jarlesberg-style cheese in sourdough

The toppings are:

  • Korean style: kimchi, pink pickled onions, Korean BBQ jackfruit
  • Mexican style: pico de gallo, guacamole, borracha beans
  • American style: pulled BBQ Jackfruit, grilled corn, pickles

We tried everything with various toppings to get an all rounded view on the food. The American style pulled BBQ Jackfruit blew our minds. The texture and flavours seemed nothing fruit-like but incredibly savoury with a texture like a Quorn or tofu esc variety. Or meaty if you want to call it that! The sausage was incredibly tasty with a light texture and the toppings complimented it well (we went for Korean on that one). The sourdough and cheese is one of the nicest cheese sandwiches in London, the cheese is gooey and the bread was toasted enough that it had a crunch but still soft and chewy. Vegan cheese has a bad rep’ and often can be a bit plasticky, but Joey’s have nailed it and brought naughty food to East London without the guilt. You don’t feel crap after eating the dishes either so it’s a really nice treat whether you are Vegan or not. They were washed down nicely with the cocktails with were on happy hour from 6pm-9pm too. All in all we had a great time and would love to go again.

Joyeux Bordel is at 147 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE.

Joey’s Kitchen will be there Tuesday – Thursday until the end of May. For more from them, follow them on Twitter and instagram @joyeux_bordel

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