Levis – The 501 Jean: Stories of An Original – Japan 

Levis have made a documentary series exploring their history and the brands roots in denim culture. The series is incredibly interesting and really cool and shows the world just how amazing denim is and has been for many years. It’s so important to understand why you wear the clothes you do, because most of us take this for granted. Like why don’t we just go around naked? Maybe I’m going off point but you should learn about jeans…Watch and learn! Oh and Nigo aka GOD is in there… Need I say more?

The 4th episode in the 501 stories by Levis is Japan (one of the coolest places in the world) and explores the denim culture the Levi’s® brand generated beyond its homeland— a passion particular to Japan. This film tells the story of Levi’s® arrival in Japan in the 1950s, the vintage denim explosion that culminated in the 1990s, and how Japan’s own take on Americana is now globally influential.

Craig Stecyk is one of the legendary forefathers of the surf and skateboarding culture that emerged in the 70s from Southern California. He is a photographer, artist and film producer.

Nigo® founder of BAPE; Shinsuke Takizawa, founder of NEIGHBORHOOD; Erik Brunetti, founder of FUCT; Verbal & Yoon, Co-founders of AMBUSH; Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi, creative director of UNITED ARROWS & SONS and many more.

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