Palladium Explorers – Canary Wharf

We are back exploring the city with Palladium boots but this time it’s the modern architecture of Canary Wharf that’s got us interested. 

Living in East London we are always looking for new places to shoot and even just to explore for inspiration and fun. Canary Wharf is a modern hub of business right on the water in East London that’s quite different to the rest of the city, especially the rest of East London.  The use of glass and strong lines makes for a very modern atmosphere with a futuristic temperament and clean aesthetic. The balance of the water, architecture and use of plants creates a calming scene with natural and modern contradictions. 

Wearing our simple monochrome Pampa Low’s and summery legs out attire we snapped some of our favourite spots in the area.    

Water brings a balance to city life and any city on the water has a totally different feeling to ones without. London’s Thames bring a sense of movement and travel away from the madness of the city roads. Cardiff Bay, Bristol and even Sydney in Australia have similar vibes. it’s nice to switch off with a view of the water from time to time. 

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