Patta Running Team Collection

Complementing Patta’s customary collections, Patta proudly presents
 the Patta Running Team collection.

The Patta Running Team came into
 existence in 2010 when Patta co-founder and running team captain Edson
 Sabajo started running with a group of friends, which then turned into the Patta team. 

The team grew at a rapid pace, expanding the team with
 serious runners, hosting events, and partaking in marathons across the
world. Consequently, their Run-Party-Repeat attitude has lead to an 
official apparel line based on their running experiences.

 What better way to represent a brand than to wear it while you run of course!?
As some of you might have seen we have been running for the past year and we love streetwear that crosses into sports / running gear so this is very up The Unisex Mode’s street!

The Patta Running Team collection consists of athletic garments and
accessories produced in high quality, utilising various active sports 

fabrics and advanced techniques. Items include t–shirts, lightweight
tracksuits, long sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve polo shirts, and tank
tops. The collection is further complemented with various accessories,
including ripstop tote bags and small goods.

The collection is available in store and online at

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