Outfit Of The Day: Tune into summer pastels…

On a summers day in London you never know how long the sun will last! We always do our best to take advantage of it and wear our favourite trainers on sunny days, as there are just too many rainy days to ruin them in this town!

Today we wanted to show off our Nike Satin TN’s or ‘Tuned’ as we have them in different colours it’s a great way to showcase the pack alongside our personal style. 
We always have a tomboy meets girly balance as you guys may have noticed by now. For example here, my baggy tee which is menswear worn with a womenswear skirt. The same with Jess’s women’s top worn with casual joggers. We both chose to wear some grey in our outfit as we think this is a great colour-way to wear with pastels; it enhances pastels like pink and mint and keeps a summery pallet without actually wearing anymore co-ordinating pastels as this can be a bit much. Co-Ordinating pastels is fun too but we tend to like more of a subtle look, plus it makes the pastels pop!

Kitty wears:

Tee – Vintage Versace 
Skirt – Charity shop find
Socks – Topshop
Trainers – Nike Tuned Satin Pack @ Footlocker

Juice wears:
Tee – Nike
Joggers – H&M
Socks – Nike
Trainers – Nike Tuned Satin Pack @ Footlocker

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