New Brand: Psychic Hearts ‘Enjoy This With’

Born out of a love of streetwear with a feminine twist Psychic Hearts is bringing something fresh to the scene. 

A menswear brand which is happy to be seen on women, they don’t call themselves unisex but basically are. 
There’s nothing crazy different; they sell caps, tees, pins and patches, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The thing that’s separating their collection from the rest however is the influence and how that has been executed. A clean aesthetic with a dark twist and pastel/feminine colours teamed with a lot of black and red. 

The collection references 90s indie rock culture and 80s new wave and post-punk. It has a gothic touch but with a very modern and fashionable streetwear finish. And it was founded by some of the Mishka team so if you are a fan it’s worth checking this out just for that reason.

Photographer: Amy Torres (@treeeyes)
Models: India Irvin (@eyeoccupynyc), Kendra Wells (@kendracandraw) and Connor Eitner (@coiner_eit)

Take a look at their online store for more:

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