Tezenis x Coca-Cola

High end underwear and basics brand Tezenis have launched a collaboration with one of the biggest pop culture drinks brands: Coca-Cola. The collection comprises of both leisurewear and underwear across both sexes with staple pieces including teeshirts and sweatshirts.

Tezenis is a concept brand designed by Calzedonia focussing on pop culture and social media influences and making underwear and leisurewear for men, women and children.  Their collections launch every two months, and focus on the fast paced behaviour of the internet and social media. 

The collaboration makes perfect sense and has been executed in a very wearable way in the classic coco-cola colour pallet of black, white, red and grey. It’s so tempting to buy it all as coco-cola never goes out of date and has shown to be a timeless trend both in fashion and as a beverage choice. 

Me and Jess don’t actually drink a lot of fizzy drinks but no dowbt when we drink alcohol coca-cola is one of our mixers of choice and the branding is something we can’t help but love. 

Buy now:  here.

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