Lazy Oaf 15th Anniversary Exhibition

Last week Lazy Oaf celebrated 15 years since first launching. Held at East London’s hot spot Protein Studios, the space was filled with all things wonderful and weird. 

The first thing you saw when you walked down the road was a massive pink inflatable poking out the door. As you got closer you realised it was a giant inflatable head (custom made for the event by a bouncy castle company!)

It was an amazing exhibition, with life size Lazy Oaf icons coming to life, plus product from previous seasons was available to buy. I finally picked up the smiley faced trousers! HAPS!

There was pizzas throughout the night courtesy of Luppolo Pizza, and pints being poured by Camden Town Brewery in a mini beer van.

It’s great to have seen the journey, and how the brand has progressed from when I was a 17 year old grunger, when they sported very Rock/EMO style prints to now. 

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