Stockholm with Weekday

We recently took a trip over to Stockholm to celebrate the launch of the Weekday x IF collection. (mentioned in a previous post)

After an early start, some poached eggs, coffee quick flight and a cab ride later, we arrived at our hotel ‘The Haymarket’ in the center of Stockholm.

It had recently been built and it was the epitome of a Wes Anderson dream. The entire hotel was in the style of 1920′s Art Deco, with every detail well thought out. From the tiles to the lights and cutlery there wasn’t a single style element missed.

After a quick refresh, and nibbles at our hotel restaurant we headed out to get our bearings and have a wander. A short walk from our hotel there was a Patty Smith exhibition going on, so we went to check it out.

Given that we were there for Weekday, it would have been rude to not check out the store, and conveniently there was one right on our doorstep! The store was amazing, it spanned over 2 floors of men’s and women’s. Each of us were given a voucher so we all grabbed a little something ahead of the event later that evening.

When we got back to our hotel rooms there was a piece from the collection waiting on our beds, which was our entry for the event. Kitty and I both got given the reflective cap.

After a quick change, we linked up with the other groups of people who had been flown out for the event and headed off in cabs to Grona Lund. (an old theme park) When we arrived there was a massive group of us, all wearing items from the collection, reflecting in the dark – it was sick!

We were greeted with some popcorn, hot dogs and drinks – real theme park vibes haha 🙂 Then slowly everyone got grouped off for the main event. When it was our turn, everyone was anxiously waiting outside the entrance of ‘The House of Nightmares’ – scared of what we were getting ourselves into.

I led the way for our group and slowly made my way through the maze. It was full of scary people, dolls, monsters, soft floors, wind machines and weird noises haha and every so often a real life person would pop out wearing a reflective piece from the collection which made everyone jump.

It was a really fun event, and it was a cool way to highlight the collection – also fitting because it was near the time of Halloween. When the popcorn and hotdogs ran out we all headed to La Boquedilla for some tapas – it was banging!!!

We had so much fun in Stockholm, it’s a shame it was so short, but we will be back!!

Shouts to Weekday for having us.
You can cop the collection HERE  (posted under Kitty but written by Jess!).

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