Exclusive interview: Gigi Hadid x Reebok ‘Perfect Never’ Launch, New York.

This week we headed out to New York for the latest Reebok ‘Perfect Never’ launch with Reebok ambassador and supermodel Gigi Hadid.

The launch event included a workout with Gigi and a star studded female discussion panel, a preview of the SS17 collection and lunch. Gigi and her trainer Rob Piela led the Combat Workout alongside other personal trainers to help keep the momentum up with a group of around 100 press!

After the workout we enjoyed some lunch and drinks and then headed back into the same room to watch a handful of incredible women talk about subjects based on inspiring and empowering women. The panel included Gigi’s close friends who also happen to be famous women such as; Ruby Rose, Lena Dunham, Zoe Kravitz, Aly Raisman and Jessica Mendoza. Athletes, Actresses, Models, Musicians… a whole cast of interesting females who talked about what it means to be a women in this era and also in the limelight and not…

The discussions were incredibly interesting and relatable talking about social media which isn’t something that just effects celebrities these days, but everyone and how much it can effect your mentality and happiness sometimes. A phrase which Reebok chose to put across one of the walls read; ‘Regardless of what your job is or what people expect from you, you are allowed to be human’ which set the tone for the discussions.

We also had the chance to talk with both Gigi and her trainer Rob. Here’s what we chatted to Gigi about:

T.U.M – So you’ve talked a lot about women inspiring you, women’s empowerment but what about men, are you inspired by them too?

Gigi –  Yeah like my coaches are two men that have been very, very important in my life. My two vollyball coaches in highschool and junior olympics and they are still the guys that when shit goes down on social media they txt me and their like ‘You’re awesome dude, I’m here for you,’ whatever… And I go back home and I go play with their vollyball teams and they’re just kids and to them yeah I might be Gigi Hadid but like my coach can say she was an awesome athlete she worked her ass off and like that makes me feel so much cooler than like ‘oh we have a model here to play vollyball’ you know what I mean? And now Rob (Piela) has become that and it’s awesome to have that like big brother figure where you know it’s not girl talk and you can call him and be like ‘Yo dude you know this sucks today’ and he’s like ‘Come in the gym lets box for 30 minutes and we’ll go get some tea’ you know!
So it’s nice to have people in your life that obviously can push you but if you need a 5 minute break to talk about something that you can trust and that is just a different energy in your life and I think that masculine and feminine energies are really important as an athlete and just as a person in general so.

T.U.M – It’s probably why you are so sport in your style as well?

Gigi – Exactly I’m not really that girly girl in my style either.

T.U.M – Slightly Tomboy?

Gigi – Yeah! haha I’m always comfortable! I wore a pant suit to the fashion awards that looks like a gown from the back you know your always like this can work!

Here is our chat with Rob:

T.U.M – When you first started training with Gigi did she come to you with a goal? Or did she just need to keep fit?

Rob – I think it was just to keep fit. I think it was about 3 and a half years ago. She came in and we hit it off right away she was super nice and easy going and she is really into boxing. I think her first post after that was ‘I’ve just found my new addiction.’ Like it was something along those lines and so she instantly took off to boxing a lot so you know we incorporate all these other moves into the work out too we don’t just box for an hour straight. We box then do some donkey kicks, then box then do some curls so we mix it up. She’s a tremendous athlete.

T.U.M – It’s not fair for the rest of us! haha.

Rob – It’s not fair, it’s unfortunate huh!

T.U.M – Do you have a lot of people that come to you unfit? Do you have challenges on your hands as a trainer?

Rob – No! I’m lucky that way I don’t. I mean most of the people I train they just want to get result, if they are coming to the gym. They are motivated and I do my best to keep them motivated.

T.U.M – What’s your least favourite part of training?

Rob – I love training people! I don’t like when people disrespect my time, I give kind of my whole self to build a good relationship, a friendship like silly stuff like you can call me on the weekend if you have a problem, like whatever! But don’t leave me sitting there for hours waiting where you are. 

So basically what we learned is that the relationship between your PT and you is super important and it helps to be their buddy. Gigi is also pretty much just like our readers, she likes to be cosy, is a bit of a tomboy and likes to work out. And the new AW16 and SS17 Reebok women’s collections are really dope. We especially like the sports bras with the straps across the front and the glitter trainers! 

Shop Reebok at Footlocker here.

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