Sneakersnstuff open in Berlin and throw a party with Nike and ScHoolboy Q!

Swedish originating sneaker store Sneakersnstuff have long been a go-to store for the worlds core sneakerheads. Since opening in 1999 in Sweden they have since opened in London, Paris and now Berlin. Being one of the rare stores to house such brands as Adidas
Consortium, Reebok Certified Network, Nike Lab, Asics Platinum,
Converse Tier Zero, Adidas Yzy, Puma Cream and so on – they are
also frequent collaborators with various brands. Over the years well
executed collabs’ with Asics, Puma, New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, Nike,
Vans, Converse and more have passed through the doors… And each year they are expanding in very exciting ways. 

Berlin opened its doors for the first time on December 9th 2016. The
3000 square feet (280 square meters) store is located in the old
White Trash restaurant on Schönhauser Allee 6/7 in the Mitte. The night before they through a big party with Nike Sportswear and ScHoolboy Q which you can see in the video above.


again, the interior design was entirely created by Jenny Askenfors of
Bofink Design Studio and inspired by Sneakersnstuff’s almost 20
years of sneaker history. Just like for Sneakersnstuff London and
Paris, she also found a lot of inspiration in the history of the
location itself and its surrounding neighborhood. She created a very
unique space that showcases Bauhaus inspired details but also kept
entire parts of the classic old bar where many epic Berlin evenings
took place. The space looks very true to Sneaksernstuff core style and very alike the other stores.


top of all the rich details in the store, the Sneakersnstuff team
decided to honor the tradition and keep the club located in the
basement and use it to host its private events. For the opening night
on December 8th a mix of local DJ’s such as Bassgang and a few of
the very best from Sweden: DJ Kristougha and DJ Taro brought the
historical club back to life. If that wasn’t enough, the recent
Grammy nominee “ScHoolboy Q” took over the stage to give a super
energetic performance that all the people in attendance in the 6000
square feet club will not forget anytime soon.

queues outside the store were incredibly long throughout the whole
weekend, and people patiently waited for hours to be amongst the
first to visit the store, making it the most successful store opening
in Sneakersnstuff’s 18 year history.

Quotes from the founders:

are super proud of our latest addition to our stores. With
Sneakersnstuff Berlin we are trying to offer the retail landscape of
Berlin something extra. Coming to a Sneakersntuff store should be
more of an experience than just the sneakers.” –
Fagerlind, co-founder Sneakersnstuff

London and Paris, it felt very natural to look to Berlin. Berlin is a
global city with a lot of creativity in it. So we feel right at home
here.” –
Jansson, co-founder Sneakersnstuff

And a quote from the entertainer himself:

is like a houseparty!”

Q on the opening night.

The store is open now and the address is:


Allee 6/7

19 Berlin


We will be hitting it up as soon as we can get over to Berlin this year.

Website for more info:

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