TUM Fitness: Nike Duo Workout Month Challenge

We took part in a month challenge of duel exercise sessions with Nike Personal Trainer Josyln Thompson to prove / test if working out together is better than alone! 

Everyone is different and some people say they prefer to train alone, but we have found that at least a couple of sessions a week together can really help keep the momentum up! When we can’t train together going to classes or using the Nike ‘NTC’ app are the best ways to keep us going. We found that there are times when training alone can work – mainly running, although there are days where we really need that push, and running in groups can really help us get going. 

Nike Run Club (Ready Set Go) is the place that kick-started our training at the beginning of this year and is still an ongoing group session that Nike have every Tuesday in Oxford Circus, which is a great place to keep up the midweek training. We’ve found using the NRC phone app when we can’t make the group runs to be really helpful while running to help us track our routes. It’s good as a substitute PT because it helps you map your routes, gives you confidence to run alone, and continue your progress throughout the week, which is the same for the NTC (Nike Training Club) app which we use when we can’t get to the gym. 

Both of us have been attending PT sessions with Joslyn as well as attending classes at Another Space, and using the NRC and NTC apps in between. The PT sessions have really helped us to gain knowledge on a one on one level understanding what we can to in the gym together, and pushing our limits, and out of our comfort zones.  A lot of our workouts were geared towards building core strength, which was what our main goal was before we started this journey. As you can see above pull ups and weighted squats have been part of our routines with Joslyn and the pull ups were definitely a brand new and extremely challenging task for both of us! 

After a month of training between 4-6 times a week we 100% can see the benefits and the best thing is learning that sometimes you can just train for 20 minutes at a time to get in that work out. Having the NTC app on those days to guide you through a quick 20 minute session is VERY useful and means you can’t slack when you can’t get to a class!

Check out the NTC app here.

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