Day To Night With Footlocker: Press Day – NBA

In January Footlocker did their yearly January Press day event where they invite core media, press and influencers from around Europe to see whats coming up this year. 

We hit East London’s Village Underground to check out what this years Footlocker event had to bring. Footwear was split across branded sections like adidas, Nike and Reebok, women’s and Basketball also had their own sections. There were apparel sections on show from the likes of Champion, NBA and more which was nice to see as apparel doesn’t usually get shown off a lot at Footlocker events but they actually have a great selection.

The women’s area had a lot of exciting pastel, glitter and monochrome releases on show including the upcoming Diamond pack exclusive to Footlocker which we posted snippets of in our Gigi Hadid, New York post. 

For the first time, Footlocker put on a catwalk show as part of the event with apparel and footwear on models (including Juice!). In front of the stage a screen covered our view between looks which had projected imagery and graphics to co-ordinate with the music and product releases on show. it was really well put together and co-ordinated. We had music from the amazing SEMTEX of R1xtra who also gave a talk with our friend, and sneaker collector Kish Kash. 

We then headed to the NBA game to see the Nuggets Vs the Pacers which was awesome as always and the night was closed with an after party in the same venue with the likes of AJ Tracey. 

Make sure to stay tuned to see upcoming releases from Footlocker through us…

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