Psycle open Shoreditch Branch for all your fitness needs!

As you know we are avid fans of fitness and not just that but classes especially. It’s the fact someone who actually knows what they are doing is telling us what to do! It’s also the fact that we can’t really give up once we are in the class we need to complete it. And after it always feels so good!

Psycle originally based in Mortimer Street and then Canary Wharf has now opened up in East London’s capital of hipsters; Shoreditch. I can’t lie we are here 80% of the time… so it’s very convenient.

Psycle is mostly known for it’s Ride classes but they also offer HIIT, Barre and and Yoga classes. Last week I attended the Yoga and HIIT classes and was really impressed. The HIIT was one of the hardest I’ve done and the Yoga was a really good mix of relaxing and progressive movement. 

The venue itself is amazing, offering delicious ‘Energy Kitchen’ smoothies and beautiful changing facilities. It has hair dryers, beauty essentials, good mirrors and spacious lockers and of-course free towels. We have become accustom to these kind of gyms but it’s worth noting as a lot of these things like towels aren’t available at a lot of gyms. Check out their site for more:

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