Winter Garms and Skate Girl Vibes…

This shoot sees us head back to our teenage roots, cargo trousers, metal chains, skate shoes and cord flares. Lets be honest we never wanted to grow up anyway!

Is everyone stoked about the 90′s revival? It has been being played out a lot lately but it feels like it’s coming to a more interesting point. At first it was just chokers and tee-shirts under strappy dresses, rose tinted sunglasses and chunky boots. But now it’s heading towards the later end of the 90′s going into the 00′s with skate shoes, cord flares, skate belts, cargo / work trousers etc…

The one thing we are glad to leave behind are the chunky skate shoes though. These Converse One Star’s are a flash back to the 90′s too but a much happier memory than the chunky trainers wider than our shoulders we once rocked…

Pics by

Jess wears:

Black jacket – Penfield

White jacket – The Cords

Trousers – Carhartt

Tee – Stussy

Shoes – Convese One Stars

Kitty wears:

Black jacket – Penfield

Trousers – The Cords

Tee – The Hundreds

Shoes – Convese Cons One Stars

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