Crepe City Nov 2017 Part 2

Here’s the second round of our snaps from Crepe City this time.

As you can see there’s A LOT of Off White… It’s that time, it’s everywhere and fair play to Virgil and Nike for smashing adidas out of the water for a minute.

Besides that there’s a huge Air Max 97 resurgence at the moment so we had to take a snap of the selection we saw at the event. Full of Silver and Gold bullets and other interesting colour-ways. 

The weather was crap outside so as you can see there was a lot of outerwear on show from Supreme, Stussy etc. There were less Yeezy’s than previous seasons and to be honest I was happy about that. it just became a Yeezy event for a while and that bored me. I don’t go to CC to spend £800 on one pair of kicks. Although it is the place to sell them it’s not just about hype collabs.’ CC is about finding hidden, lost or forgotten gems. it’s about the culture and history of trainers in the UK and I for one am happy to see older models floating about again. 

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