Levi’s Tailor Shop Flagship Denim Tattoo Bar

I recently got asked to come into the Levi’s Tailor Shop flagship store to check out their new denim tattoo bar, which has been installed as part of the celebration of their 50th anniversary of the trucker jacket.   

The whole idea of the denim tattoo pop-up studio is for people to come and create something special using limited edition tattoo designs to be printed onto the back of a choice of Trucker jackets.

There are 5 different designs to choose from by renowned tattoo artists: Otto D’Ambra, Jean le roux, Deno, Dominique Holmes and Manuela Gray, each design has been specially commissioned by the brand as a limited-edition artwork, and there are only 50 being printed of each design!

I love mandalas and all things geometric so naturally I went for the mandala design by Dominique Holmes. It was really cool watching the design come to life on the jacket I’d chosen. As I’d picked black, I decided to go for a white print (which was actually the first time the store had tried doing it that way) which was pretty cool. I’m glad I chose that as well, because it came out sick. 🙂

I picked out a couple of other pieces from the store, and in the end went with a ‘Silver Tab’ long sleeve and the ‘90s baggy’ jeans, which I LOVE, and of course… I went with black. As well as the denim tattoo studio, at the back of the store there is a Tailor Shop service.

The Tailor Shop is basically your 1 stop shop for all this customisation. They can do repairs, rips, stiches, embroidery, stick on patches and pins and all sorts. I went with ‘Stay Cozy’ embroidered on the back of my jeans. I was actually really impressed with all the services they have to offer – it’s mad how many different ways you can play with denim!

The pop-up denim tattoo studio will be in Levi’s® Tailor Shop Flagship Store (176 Regent Street) from November 10th – December 18th.  

Photos: Meara Kallista 

This post was sponsored by Levi’s through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Levi’s, all opinions are my own" 

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