Asics Jyuni Collection


Third Release Under JYUNI™ Collective Series

JYUNI AIIRO adds new colour to the JYUNI™ Collective Series. Named after the Japanese word for indigo blue, Aiiro, JYUNI AIIRO brings depth to the first two JYUNI collections released in white and black earlier in 2017.

The limited addition release features a number of street-ready athleisure pieces. The ultimate balance of fashion and functionality, JYUNI™ AIIRO is progressive performance wear for the everyday modern lifestyle.

The design ethos of ASICS and the approach for the collection is strongly linked to Japanese craft and style. The JYUNI™ is a unique spelling of “twelve” in Japanese. It represents the structure of time and the restraints that come with it. Aiiro is a lucky colour in Japan and traditionally used in textiles and other arts and crafts. The colour was originally created using pigment from the Indigo plant. The Aiiro colour is developed by mixing indigo with a small amount of yellow dye.

We love this capsule collection, and we have been lucky to be given some bits…. watch this space to see how we style them up!

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