Sneakerness 2019 Roundup

Kitty/KC: The time has come again for another sneaker event; this years Sneakerness in London, we hit it up to see what the vibe was like…

We had a few tasks, 1 – Capture some content around the women at the event. 2 – Show off the new Puma Cell Stellar and style them up our way. 3 – Film a pilot for 4E Music and well 4 – (I) Kitty was part of a panel discussion about ‘Sustainability’ in the sneaker world….

It was a busy day for us! Obviously, while I was talking Juice was filming me, no rest hey!

Juice: From the moment we got there, (which was before the event had even opened) Printworks was busy with staff, traders and even some earlybirds – running around trying to grab a steal. After we finished the first part of the pilot we got stuck in to Sneakerness, roamed around, chatted to some people and did what we do best.. take pictures! haha.

Although there weren’t loads of sellers, it was nice to see a variety of sneakers and some heat (old and new). Jason Markk as usual had a sneaker cleaning spot, Footlocker had a really cool lego play area for kids as well as a ‘build your own lego sneakers’ spot. SneakerFreaker dropped their new book: ‘The Ultimate Sneaker Book‘ – which we’re yet to get our hands on but no doubt it’s sick! Sneakers ER came through with some heat and Visionarism had the maddest illustrated sneaker customs from their boy Lee.

StockX, one of the sponsors of the event had their own area, which also had some amazing pieces on display from Nick aka Glackster and his Microdudes. You could basically roll up with some kicks, drop them off to sell via Stock X or if you had bought some bits on the site you could go there to pick them up.

Half way through the day a squad of about 30 people rolled through slinging bright yellow Selfridges bags on their shoulders. We realized they had all just copped the Nike x Sacai release, definitely up there with our faves releases of the year. We both managed to cop a pair a few days before and if we weren’t reppin’ the new Puma Cell Stellar, then the Sacais would have been our next choice!

Throughout the day there were 2 panel talks, the first one was about sustainability – featuring Kitty as one of the guest speakers, along with Sam Ashton (consultant) and Jeremy (Jason Markk). The talk was hosted by our G, Kish who asked some great though provoking questions. KC is literally the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to sustainability and it was really insightful listening about ways the sneaker culture can help to be more sustainable, personally and on a bigger brand scale.

Kitty: It was an honour to chat about sustainability in the sneaker world and share some insights and points of views with the community. I talked about how every little bit really helps, and it’s not an ‘all or nothing’ mindset that we should be using. You can’t do it all, so do what you can. For example look at the brands that are trying: Nike have released a few sustainable collections recently, adidas also have their great project with Parley and if you look to buy less leather you are heading in a great direction. The more WE do, the more the brands have to provide what WE want, because at the end of the day they want to supply what we want to buy. The leather industry produces tones of harmful gasses, pollution etc plus its unethical and cruel. ALSO a big idea I wanted to share was the power of these events and how I think SWAP SHOPS are the future.

Juice: As I mentioned before me and KC were wearing the new Puma Cell Stellar and we both styled them differently. The shoe itself is great because it’s monochrome so it goes with pretty much anything – the air unit is a nice pink colour, which gives a nice pop of colour to any outfit. I opted for an all black outfit, comfy silky trousers with a baggy Kaws X Snoopy Uniqlo collab tee, and an oldie but a goodie.. my Nike x Parra Rockwell bomber jacket, but tied in the pink pop with my oversized pink marble hair clips from ASOS. I just wanted something cozy casual as I knew I’d be running around all day. KC wore some sheer trousers from Ragged Priest, a Stussy tee and a snake print crop jacket from Nasty Girl – a great way to style baggy tees is tucking them in to trousers and wearing a cute crop jacket.

We love mixing textures and prints and she got the sheer/snake combo just right in my opinion! Balance is a key thing for the way we style up our outfits, we love to dress like tomboys but have a girly edge, whether that be a cute crop top, doing our makeup to match the outfit or having a creative hairstyle. As we walked around the event there was a good mixture of guys and girls, which was so great to see….

Kitty: So what did we see? Something slightly surprising was how the girls of sneaker events are actually looking girlier than before. I think this is something you can see from our style too; but as we have always mentioned; it’s all about balance.

There are a lot of girls, who like us still rock baggy outfits on some days but on others like to add in a handbag or skirt. It’s interesting to see the variations of style worn by true sneakerhead females. We take menswear and adapt it and mix it with womenswear to create our own version of ‘streetwear.’ I think there was a point where we all JUST wore menswear, we felt like we had to almost to prove our involvement. But before that I had always mixed it up, like Juice and I and many other girls do now. Unisex is about taking something male or female focussed and making it genderless, and it’s cool to really see that happening.

The Puma Cell Stellar which we wore, dropped on May 23rd so is available to buy now.

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