10.Deep Winter 16 Collection The new 10.Deep Winter collection draws influence from several style-based subcultures that have rejected mainstream culture over the last few decades – from outlaw biker culture (and its Japanese offshoots) to extreme metal and year-zero punk and the post-punk / skinhead offshoots that it birthed.  While seemingly very diverse, these movements all represent ways that people considered ‘null and void’ by … Continue reading

Outfit Of The Day: Princess Fila Juice is out of the country so I am posting her latest look to the blog, which I also snapped so I guess that works… haha! The one thing I’ve learned about my partner in style is she loves an oversized mens jacket to complete her looks. She went for this Princess ‘Beanie Babes’ cap to bring a girly vibe … Continue reading

10 Deep Holiday 14 Delivery 1 Lookbook The first offering for Holiday 14 from American streetwear brand 10 Deep delivers functional clothing with a ‘pre-streetwear’ aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from vintage hunting, motocross and workwear, it reads as streetwear for the everyman. Started in 1995 10 Deep has had over 15 years of growing as a brand and developing their key ethos and design structure. Every season sees … Continue reading

HYPEBEAST / STREETSNAPS FIRST GIRL! And its my home dawg Jess aka Juice Gee and co owner of SMALL FEET BIG KICKS. There are loads of comments on this post over on Hypebeast.com mainly of guys saying she would look better in ‘girls clothes.’ I didn’t realise so many people were boring and closed minded?! I think a girl who can style out unisex clothing … Continue reading