Malarky – Puppy Snatcher at Beach London Beach London are playing host to the debut gallery solo exhibition of London-based graffiti artist Malarky. After a two-year period painting in Barcelona with some of the city’s most prominent writers, Malarky adapted their sun-kissed, summer-loving, sangria-drinking, colour-bursting style. Upon returning to London in 2011, he took over the walls and shutters of East London, bringing a splash … Continue reading

BEACH London : What’s on our table? #October

During our busy press days we went to Coffin On Cake Pr’s press day in the heart of Shoreditch. We saw loads of new amazing stuff, but this post will be about on of our favorite gallery and shop space; BEACH London, that is represented by Coffin on Cake. Beach London presents: What’s on our table? A carefully curated selection of all the best products available … Continue reading BEACH London : What’s on our table? #October