Crep Protect for Air Max Month, a journey to collect iconic Air Max! In the latest video release from Crep Protect they follow an ‘OG’ Sneakerhead around the globe as he battles to collect iconic Air Max silhouettes. It;s a bit like watching a real life video game.  Of-course he is wearing rare, collectable Air Max which you wouldn’t want to run around in usually, but … Continue reading

Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost “Oxford Tan” – Crep Protect Cure cleaning test The makers of Crep Protect have put the latest colourway in the long line of Yeezy Boosts to test by trialing a wine making session and then a clean up afterwards with their ‘Cure’ product.  They really do go all out to show you how this product works and we can’t deny the effort … Continue reading

Crep Protect x NBA @ The Shard For their latest collaboration, Crep Protect took things to new levels (literally) by hosting a private party at the top of The Shard on Monday night. Crep protect have joined forces with NBA to create limited edition team-branded cans. They feature the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and New York Knicks, with … Continue reading

Kicks Cleaners: Which One Works? We tried and tested the top 2 sneaker cleaners that help clean off all the dirt and grit from day to day wear and this is what we found… Crep Protect We found with Crep Protect, in keeping with its bright bold purple branding, the actual cleaning solution is the same color! The solution works well, but doesn’t foam that … Continue reading