Evisu x KTZ Japanese denim brand EVISU has collaborated with London dark street wear brand KTZ on the “Murky Denim Storm” capsule collection which is in the theme of Japanese Kendo.  The EVISU x KTZ Murky Denim Storm capsule collection adapts an overall black colour (very KTZ) and white print (apt of Evisu) to create a strong contrast. High quality selvedge denim is used with … Continue reading

Evisu Broken Youth Bombers for AW15 Japanese heritage brand EVISU have been turning heads for the right reason over the last couple of seasons. Always being incredibly made, but from a branding / design perspective falling off the radar for a while, Evisu have made a come back. For this AW15, inspired by the famous Japanese souvenir jackets, EVISU splashes colour onto these silk bombers … Continue reading

EVISU Presents: Street Fighter Competition Night To celebrate their Japanese heritage, EVISU are holding a Capcom Street Fighter arcade night at their London store this Thursday. Embracing their Japanese roots, a ‘winner stays on’ competition will run throughout the day with the latest versions of Street Fighter, music and complimentary drinks. Founded in 1991 and originating from Osaka, Japan, EVISU is named after the Japanese … Continue reading

EVISU SS15′ Japanese brand Evisu, a well known name from the 90s, have got an amazing selection of product for SS15. Staying true to their roots with the iconic logo, they’ve put a modern spin on the collection to keep it fresh. “Evisu are set to takeover with their nod to the Garage era in throwback pieces which includes the signature seagull back pocket logo … Continue reading

Wonderland x Evisu ‘The Barber’ Wonderland Magazine have teamed up with Japanese denim brand Evisu to create an interesting preview of their SS14 collection. It’s simple and short like a TV advert but tantalising none the less. They focus on the very current, fashionable trend of traditional barber shops featuring some rather handsome bearded and quiffed gents. I like it. Watch for yourself… (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/) Continue reading