The Simpsons x Hello Kitty  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty and the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons the two have lines up to collaborate on a product line in 2014. The exclusive line will be hitting stores during the back to school time in 2014.  No information about the kind of products has been released yet but Nylon Magazine have created their … Continue reading

Hello Kitty EVA Air US Premier Taiwan based EVA Air now has a Hello Kitty themed plane flying to and from the United States. Paying a licence fee to the company behind Hello Kitty; Sanrio, the airline have branded everything from the outside of the plane to their staff uniforms, food and travel essentials! The Boeing 777 is covered with hello kitty themed designs and … Continue reading

Footwear loves of the moment! Who loves footwear? Do you love trainers, base your outfits around your footwear and spend more on shoes than most other purchases? It’s a growing trend at the moment, I mean women have always loved shoes, that’s a well known stereotype but trainer culture is coming back around and exaggerating that stereotype even more! The boots at the top left … Continue reading

Outfit of that day post. The other day my friend photographer AD Vaughan took these really quick pics as I was leaving a shoot- this is what I was wearing. 5 Panel Cap – And Clothing Rucksack – Mi Pac @ Route One Baseball Jacket – Vintage hand me down from family. Tee – Johnny Cupcakes x Hello Kitty Jeans – Criminal Damage skinny jeans. … Continue reading

My week round up of food! 1st attempt at gluten free chocolate mini muffins. Baked sweet potato, sweet peppers and an olive and lentil gluten free Clive’s pie. Cinnamon and sugar dusted eggy gluten free toast. P&B and banana soy shake and eggs florentine at Breakfast Club in shoreditch. My home made gluten free hello kitty pancakes and Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream. … Continue reading

Finds of the day. I had a Saturday off to enjoy myself and explore London. I’ve been here 7 months working my butt off so this was nice! Everything here is from china town apart from my awesome sunglasses which I got from Rockit in Covent Garden. Rockit is a really awesome vintage store with accessories, apparel and shoes. They have a few stores in … Continue reading

What’s in my bag? Bag of the week – Route One Mi Pac – Leopard Print. FSTL beanie. Vintage round sunglasses. Stussy Keyring. Jolly Rancher Sweets – from an American Candy Store in London. Johnny Cupcakes notebook for writing my lyrics. Hello Kitty pen was a present from my friends at Hello Kitty Purse. Hello Kitty Headphones as a present to … Continue reading