Levi’s Tailor Shop Flagship Denim Tattoo Bar I recently got asked to come into the Levi’s Tailor Shop flagship store to check out their new denim tattoo bar, which has been installed as part of the celebration of their 50th anniversary of the trucker jacket.    The whole idea of the denim tattoo pop-up studio is for people to come and create something special using limited edition … Continue reading

OOTD at the V&A Museum for Records and Rebels with Levis Have you heard about the Records and Rebels exhibition at the V&A Museum with Levis? It’s a collection of fashion and music memorabilia from 1966-1970 and a talking point for reference about revolution within that period. Something which seems very apparent in todays society too, it’s almost like we are back there again with … Continue reading

Levis – The 501 Jean: Stories of An Original – Japan  Levis have made a documentary series exploring their history and the brands roots in denim culture. The series is incredibly interesting and really cool and shows the world just how amazing denim is and has been for many years. It’s so important to understand why you wear the clothes you do, because most of … Continue reading