Current Trend: Co-ordinating lips and nails Matching lip colour and nail colour is getting very popular and a trend soon to reach the masses. Red lips and nails always add sophistication to any outfit but don’t think you can’t do this with other colours too. Darker purples can add an edgy vibe and pinks are light and subtle! Will you be matching your lips and nails … Continue reading

Motel Rocks Bloggers Christmas Party! We were recently invited to go along to Professor Green’s new club INK for the Motel Rocks bloggers Christmas party; which we did! An evening of complimentary drinks, frozen yoghurt, nails, hair styling, body painting and a preview of the new collection made up the night. We had a blast. We love the glitzy, animal prints and two pieces in … Continue reading

Modern Day Barber Shops // A massive trend has emerged throughout America and in the UK which in some ways is retrospective; but also can be said to be innovative. Modern day barber shops. Taking the classic barber shop aesthetic with wet shaves and clean cuts, but adding in modern hair styles, and sometimes even being incorporated with a tattoo studio or shop. Some of … Continue reading

Hand accessories! Hand tattoos, rings, bracelets, midi rings, chains, nail art… It’s all kicking right off around hand style these days! My nails cost £15 for a manicure and custom painted nail art. The tattoos cost lots for great artwork by great artists (Morgan @ Frontier in Cardiff for the piece you can see) and the jewellery cost me £4.50! I purchased the rings and … Continue reading

Style Trend – Cute nail tips! Nail art is massive these days. With Wah nails being a super cult brand taking over Topshop and East London and selling their nail art books in Urban Outfitters. Nail art has always been big, but now it’s essential for every hipster, street girl and fashion conscious chick to be rocking something great on the ends of their fingers. … Continue reading

OH MY LOVE LONDON A/W Press Party | Part 2! Nails, fancy dress, drinks, burgers and fashion! We had a lovely preview showing of the new OH MY LOVE lookbook video which had been cut to little music/voice clippigns to promote the brand. Really great touch to the collection launch. Well done guys for such a great night and great collection! Pics by Kitty Cowell Continue reading