Levis – The 501 Jean: Stories of An Original – Japan  Levis have made a documentary series exploring their history and the brands roots in denim culture. The series is incredibly interesting and really cool and shows the world just how amazing denim is and has been for many years. It’s so important to understand why you wear the clothes you do, because most of … Continue reading

A Bathing Ape Launch ‘BAPE BLACK’ Iconic Japanese streetwear label A Bathing Ape announces the launch of a new premium line: BAPE BLACK. A long awaited premium line shows the progression in the 22 year old brand since parting ways with founder NIGO 4 years ago. The luxury capsule collection comprises of streetwear essentials with an emphasis on premium quality- leather, neoprene and swarovski crystals all … Continue reading

Nigo for Adidas Originals FW14 You know you’re doing well when only your first name needs to be said for the whole world to know exactly who is being spoken about. When it comes to streetwear Nigo’s presence and reputation in the fashion scene precedes him. The man behind Bape, Bapesta, Ice cream, Billionaire Boys Club, Uniqulo UT, and talented DJ to boot, Nigo is … Continue reading