Tiger While wondering around Cardiff for the first time in months I found this very exciting shop called Tiger. Tiger appears to be a mix between Paper Chase, Ikea and a posh pound shop! It’s literally got everything you want from household goodies, make up, toiletries to fancy dress! The prices aren’t as cheap as a pound shop but so reasonable for decent quality, well … Continue reading

Mighty Healthy @ Yukka store. I just received my Mighty Healthy tee from Yukka.co.uk Fast shipping, big savings and a great selection of street wear! It was really easy to check out with the stores online shopping cart. Mighty Healthy is one of my favourite streetwear brands and this tee from their last collection is on offer with 40 % off! Plus use this code … Continue reading

Finds of the day. I had a Saturday off to enjoy myself and explore London. I’ve been here 7 months working my butt off so this was nice! Everything here is from china town apart from my awesome sunglasses which I got from Rockit in Covent Garden. Rockit is a really awesome vintage store with accessories, apparel and shoes. They have a few stores in … Continue reading