New Brand: Psychic Hearts ‘Enjoy This With’ Born out of a love of streetwear with a feminine twist Psychic Hearts is bringing something fresh to the scene.  A menswear brand which is happy to be seen on women, they don’t call themselves unisex but basically are. There’s nothing crazy different; they sell caps, tees, pins and patches, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The thing that’s … Continue reading

Outfit Of The Day: DC chicks Todays outfit goes out to the skate chicks we were in the 90′s who used to rock chunky DC skate shoes. Fats forward to 2014 and DC have evolved from the previously known stereotype to not just a technically great skate brand but also a street apparel and footwear brand. The new ‘Heathrow’ model hints at running shoes made more … Continue reading

Outfit Of The Day: Kwik-E-Mart Kitty Today I’m wearing the Simpsons cartoon on my body! Again! Yeah the Hype x Simpson’s collaboration collection really won me over; you have seen me previously on here wearing two colours in the tracksuit and today here is an awesome long sleeve tee from the same collection.  This is a casual autumn day outfit to keep warm in but … Continue reading