An autumn outfit for Kitty Cowell!

The autumn is already here even though we don’t really want to admit it! So here is a look made for lovely Kitty, a very autumn outfit with a touch of summery accessories with our favourite news season products from Converse, JuJu from Urban Outfitters, Quay and Herchel at! Maison Scotch @Surfdome Soft & Fluffy Animal Ears Beanie – £31.99 Quayeyewear BAT @Surfdome Sunglasses –  £24.99 JuJu Rainbow … Continue reading An autumn outfit for Kitty Cowell!

Aces Laces & Stance Socks. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Alexis from Aces Laces at the ‘Is It The Shoes’ event at Rag Factory. This little brand is new and trying to really expand on design and graphics in the laces world. Not coming from a sneaker background but quickly gathering knowledge; Aces Laces wants to create the idea of customising your … Continue reading

Hype Socks Sublimation print has become more and more popular with brands. It’s an easy way to create exciting all over print designs. It’s become so popular that people are starting to get a little bored of it. However on socks I feel like this is where sublimation could sit for a long time! Everyone loves printed socks. These sublimation print socks by Hype are … Continue reading

Tabio Socks I recently took a look around the Tabio store in Covent Garden. Tabio are a sock company specialising in interestingly designed socks and related products like leg warmers, tights and leggings. I’m a big fan of socks because I often have mine on show. I think a good sock collection compliments a good shoe/trainer collection and that one should go hand in hand … Continue reading

Huf x Diamond Supply Socks. Two super hype street wear brands of the moment have teamed up for a super collab’ that every street wear kid is going to loose their mind over. The nearly iconic Huf ‘Plantlife’ collection and Diamond Supply’s very own diamond emblem embellish two colour ways to make this signature sock collection. Considering the hype over the Huf Plantlife socks and … Continue reading