Threadless ‘Sushi’ design by Benjamin Ang. Threadless is platform for artists to submit designs to a community of artists for the possibility of them going to print. I’ve been following Threadless for years and have purchased lots of tees from them in the past. This sushi design tickled my fancy, I don’t actually eat fish, I’m vegetarian and I eat vege sushi alooottt. But I … Continue reading

My week round up of food! 1st attempt at gluten free chocolate mini muffins. Baked sweet potato, sweet peppers and an olive and lentil gluten free Clive’s pie. Cinnamon and sugar dusted eggy gluten free toast. P&B and banana soy shake and eggs florentine at Breakfast Club in shoreditch. My home made gluten free hello kitty pancakes and Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream. … Continue reading