Gluten free, vegetarian food post!! Okay so like I’ve said before I don’t want to over run this blog with food- my Instagram is where I’m always uploading pics of food but it only makes sense to do the odd foody post! So I’m vegetarian and I try to be as gluten and diary free as possible. Lactose and gluten/wheat intolerance run in my family … Continue reading

My week round up of food! 1st attempt at gluten free chocolate mini muffins. Baked sweet potato, sweet peppers and an olive and lentil gluten free Clive’s pie. Cinnamon and sugar dusted eggy gluten free toast. P&B and banana soy shake and eggs florentine at Breakfast Club in shoreditch. My home made gluten free hello kitty pancakes and Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream. … Continue reading