TLG Magazine’s 10 Style Icons You Should Follow on Instagram; with me, Juice and Maria. Womens streetwear Magazine TLG have picked their 10 favourite, stylish females in streetwear that they think everyone should follow on instagram and myself, Juice (jess) and Maria all made the cut! We’re stoked to be alongside people like Rita Ora, Monki and Lil Debbie. Check it out here. Continue reading

Nikita Clothing. Nikita is a brand for girls who like to shred, skate, surf, ride… They make edgy sports/streetwear for women with their own style of loose fitted, quirky cut apparel. From actual sports gear to general everyday fashion with bold colours and prints and unisex style cuts. Here’s me in a Nikita jacket and leggings. This jacket is so unique, comfy and fun to … Continue reading