Bleach London x Boots product range: Rose Super Cool Colour!

Here’s just a quick before and after snap of my hair after using the new Bleach London ‘Rose’ Super Cool Colour!

This is available in large Boots stores across the UK and is priced at just £5. There are lots of colours to choose from and they all wash out so you could try them all!

I only used just over half of the product on all of my hair to achieve this super pink colour. So I still have some left for when it fades!
It’s really easy to use; just put on some gloves and rub in all over pre washed, towel dried hair.

I’ve used quite a few baby pink dies now and previously Crazy Colour was my favourite, but now this is definitely my fave dye of choice! The pigment is so strong, it’s easy to use and a good amount of dye.

Check out your local big Boots!

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