Food: Gluten Free Veggie Quick Snack – Rice Cakes, Goats Cheese, Cucumber and Seeds.

This is a very quick and easy snack that’s healthy and luxurious all in one. 

Rice Cakes topped with sliced, creamy goats cheese, sliced cucumbers and topped with an omega seeds sprinkle mix.

The rice cakes I used are slightly salted, you can get lots of different kinds from your local supermarkets and health food stores so feel free to try different kinds.

The goats cheese is rich, creamy French vegetarian goats cheese that comes in a log and is fairly easy to slice with a good sharp nice.

Organic cucumbers are best but any ripe one will do! 

And the Omega Sprinkle is from Holland and Barratt ad includes hulled pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds with linseeds and golden linseed. 

I top the rice cakes with a little sunflower spread before layering the slices of goats cheese and cucumber and then sprinkling the seeds in top. Yummy! I hope you enjoy it.

Kitty xox

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