What does your iTunes say about you?

We all have phones that play music these days. We all have either an iPod or iPhone or some kind of portable music listening device. But what do we listen to and what does that say about us?

I’m a music and fashion graduate. Yep I studied one after the other and both have a massive place in my heart and make up my personality. I have a very wide listen when it comes to the types of music and genres I listen to. That doesn’t mean I listen to everything and I’m very specific about what I do like. But my taste isn’t defined by genre. I listen to everything genre wise from hardcore punk rock, to pop commercial tunes to electronica and rap.
Does this effect my style though?
I would say my style is fairly eclectic also; like my music taste. I have a definite style, it’s a mix of hip hop to punk rock meets feminine elegance. Or at least something along those lines. Skater girl meets barbie girl with a mature edge.
So I guess you really can tell a lot about someone from their iTunes playlist! Maybe we should start some kind of iTunes dating system?

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