size? : For Ladies The Lace – Store Launch

UK based Streetwear and Sneaker Store size? have opened ‘size? for women,’ a bespoke stand-alone store located in Manchester. 

The store pays tribute to the very first size? store that opened in 2000 and will stock the best assortment of footwear and apparel ranging across a selection of brands for women.
The new store, designed in conjunction with Phaus, offers a completely different shop fit to a traditional size? incorporating a raw palette with an urban, muted and clean foundation, creating a distinctly feminine atmosphere with a premium but relaxed environment.

The store pays homage to their mens stores but is specifically tailored to women. Taking footwear from Nike, adidas Originals, Converse, Vans and New Balance alongside apparel from Carhartt WIP, Fred Perry and Rains to name but a few.

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