& Other Stories SS14 Jackets

Yesterday I went shopping in central London for the first time in a few months. I used to work in central so I would always be there but now I spend all my time in east!
I went to & Other Stories which is a higher end H&M with brilliant design, clever layout and great quality garments. They are always on point with trends and one stop above the mark of other high street stores. Their prices mimic this with the silver coat being £175 and the leather jacket at around £295 – your paying for great design, above a normal high street price tag but not as high as a designer price tag.

I fell completely in love with the metallic silver long coat and I hope it’s still there come pay day! Coats like that will always be worth at £150-200 price tag as they can be worn in so many ways, and dress up any outfit. The classic box shape is so flattering and the metallic colour way is subtle.

The pink and orange leather jacket is super fun and so well cut it’s just a great style piece. My only problem is that it is made from leather and I have a real problem with leather unless I know where it’s come from. But I’m sure And Other Stories could tell me this info if I asked. I hope so!

They also sell some great sneakers from the likes of Nike, and great make up and beauty products too.

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