Last month, saw the launch of ASICS Tiger brand for the lifestyle market.In 1986 the GEL LYTE series was created and was highly regarded in Japan for it’s performance and design. Worn by top athletes the shoes soon became an instant classic.

Asics Tiger was created as the lifestyle area of the performance brand, fusing Japanese technology with global street style.

The product range has been recreated using original materials with sportier silhouettes and new performance technologies.

The event was so well thought out. The arcade theme was so strong throughout.
Upon entering there was a massive wall to the right full of shoes, of which everyone who attended got.

Further along there was a massive live arcade game. You could go into it and jump and duck and the people at the front watching could see your moves being translated onto a video screen! (You can see an image of me at the bottom!)

The food was amazing, Japanese street food. I kept going back for more it was so good! Ha ha

It was a really well thought out event, and I look forward to seeing what else is in store!

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